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The Subculture Diary is a youth culture bible in your pocket, bringing social history and youth culture content into your daily life.

The Subculture Diary is a youth culture bible in your pocket. Illustrated with iconic subculture photography, the Subculture Diary brings the power of social history into your daily life through daily facts, bizarre moments, anniversaries, fashion milestones and a worldwide festival schedule built right into your A5 printed planner. Whether you were a punk, mod, or nu raver, celebrate your mark on the world every day with The Subculture Diary.

The Subculture Diary brings a new lease of life to your yearly planner, bringing exciting content to your daily life. Enriched with photographs of iconic subcultures alongside defining moments in social history, the diary gives an insight to the development of youth culture in the post-war world, from Mods and Rockers fighting on Hastings Beach, to the evolution of UK Grime.

For this first time this complete history of subculture is incorporated within your everyday A5 diary, with yearly, monthly and weekly overviews to help you plan and organise with conviction. Stylish content and inspired cultural facts provide you with daily reminders of the iconic moments of yesteryear, whilst you add the personal dates that might define yours.

The Subculture Diary has been built upon years of experience and knowledge from the team at YOUTH CLUB. With our unparalleled network of youth culture photographers, social historians, and key figures contributing to this exciting and varied diary to bring social history into your hands.

The Subculture Diary has been designed with iconic social history at its heart - from interesting dates and facts to incredible imagery. This exciting content sits alongside a useful, practical design for your daily planning. 

The Subculture Diary is centered around authenticity. Developed by a team of youth culture aficionados, all content is real and genuine, never staged or retouched. Take Gavin Watson's photograph of a group of Skinhead boys jumping off of a roof, one of the opening images inside the Subculture Diary. Gavin's teens were spent photographing his brother and his friends, all involved in the Skinhead movement in the UK. His photographs provide a frank and honest portrait of the iconic movement, breaking down barriers and misconceptions around the scene.

Next to Skinheads, our diary showcases evocative shots of Mods, Punks, New Romantics and Ravers from the nuanced to the loud.

Weekly planners give you the space to plan out everything in more detail. 

Throughout the weekly planner there are dates related to important moments in social history, from famous birthdays and protest movements to technological innovations. Next to beefing up your historical knowledge, the diary helps you plan ahead with important youth cultural dates for 2017, from festivals to pride parades. 

Some of these weekly planners stand alongside photographs, whilst others provide you with some essential space for notes, with an interesting story added of course! 

At the reverse of the diary, our handy youth culture timeline gives you a broader overview of how subcultures have evolved over time. The timeline was researched and created by Ted Polhemus, a renowned social anthropologist who has dedicated his career to the documenting and studying of youth subcultures. 

The Subculture Diary isn't just filled with authentic content and exciting imagery. As well as helping you plan your life - it has also been designed and developed to the highest standards. 

Design Features:

- Convenient A5 size
- Acid free paper
- Lay-flat binding
- Soft cover
- Bookmark
- Elastic band closure

Includes a digitally downloadable Subculture Calendar link for iOS, Android, Mac and PC.

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