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Brand new from YOUTH CLUB photographer, Molly Macindoe (Front Left Books): A RAVE CALENDAR for 2017! 

“1997. A squat party in a disused bingo hall in North London; my first experience of underground raves.  It immediately felt like home and generated a strong passion for documenting this unique subculture, the Free Party and Teknival scene. My photographic study, ‘Out of Order’, recently published in an expanded second edition, was the culmination of the first phase of my personal and professional rave journey.

This limited edition 2017 Rave calendar marks twenty years from that starting point.  All images included are previously unpublished and were taken at underground raves in the UK, Europe, Middle East and North Africa in the period from 2006 to the present day, during which this subculture has continued to evolve and spread to distant lands.  Proceeds will go towards launching phase two, a photography book covering the new wave of rave.” Molly Macindoe

This limited edition one-off special includes thirteen exclusive new photos taken at underground raves in the period between 2006 to 2016 plus special rave-related dates marking significant moments in dance music culture history.

Save on shipping costs by ordering multiple purchases - up to 7 copies of the calendar can be bought in one order with P&P costs remaining the same.

The calendar is 30cm x 30cm grid design (see sample spread). Keeping in the grassroots, locally and responsibly-sourced spirit of previous ‘Out of Order’ products, these calendars were designed in Bristol and printed in the UK on Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper from managed forests and are printed with soy and vegetable based inks, which are less harmful to the environment than petroleum-based alternatives.  


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Out of Date Rave Calendar 2017 SQ Wall_v02_PR-1.jpg
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