We have been working together with Lee Harris, founder of HomeGrown Magazine, to digitise the entire magazine and make it available online. 

From 1977 until 1982 Lee Harris started and edited Britain's first counter culture and drug magazine. HomeGrown was a breakthrough magazine that represented a defining moment in British underground culture. Lee was reporting on the psychedelic experience and HomeGrown magazine was one of the few publications to support Operation Julie defendants and included articles and illustrations from Timothy Leary, Michael Hollingshead, Harry Shapiro, Brian Barritt, Mick Farren, Bryan Talbot, Julie Burchill, Peter Tosh and Tony Parsons.
'Now, HomeGrown is back, digitised and available for all in the 21st century'! - Lee Harris

The new website can be found here.


This year marks the opening of the Punk London anniversary campaign – A Celebration of 40 Years of Subversive Culture, which inspired an entire generation to speak without fear, challenge conventions and 'create without borders.' 

In support of this campaign, we partner with PETRIe magazine to present 'Culture Squads'. Designed as an investigation of the relevance of subculture for today's post-digital generation, this piece reaches out to six young Londoners. In a stream of consciousness exercise, the interviewees revisit iconic images from the YOUTH CLUB archive that depict subculture movements through the last four decades, while discussing the impact of contemporary digital culture on creativity and the changing structures of rebellion itself.


We are proud to support Punk London over the course of their year-long programme of events. 

Always more than a musical genre, punk allowed a generation to express themselves without deference, to invent without fear, and to create without boundaries.

40 years on, and some of the most cutting edge cultural organisations and businesses in London have come together to celebrate punk in all its ragged glory.

A year long programme of gigs, exhibitions and films will look back at the excitement and energy of the movement’s genesis, and at punk as an on-going catalyst that continues to inspire, refuse categorisation and spark creativity around the world.


Inside Job gave photography fans & streetwear aficionados the unique opportunity to purchase a one-off, bespoke House of Billiam Varsity jacket made with an iconic Lawrence Watson photograph of their choosing as the lining. The photograph that YOUTH CLUB and House of Billiam settled upon was Lawrence Watson's shot of LL Cool J performing live onstage in Philadelphia. 


We were commissioned to come up with an interactive timeline of events covering landmarks in music, film, fashion, subcultures, sport, technology and social and political events that have shaped popular culture over the last 30 years. The author Ted Polhemus was commissioned to write a short synopsis for each one.


We researched images and worked with Fred Perry on different projects for its 60th Anniversary, including Five Decades of Fred Perry and Subculture films by Don Letts



Exhibition organised with the Department for Museums and Exhibitions in collaboration with the 47th Annual Gijón International Film Festival. Accompanied the This is England season at the 47th Annual Gijón International film Festival, that screened films reflecting the hatch and the future of youth resistance movements in Great Britain since the 60s. Unordinary People features an eclectic selection of rare and exclusive cultural photography, archive video footage and essays sourced from around the globe.