The Subcultures Network
University of Reading
Working with academics to tell the story of British youth culture

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As we work towards the Museum of Youth Culture, we have to move beyond our photographs to start telling the story of British youth culture in a way that is open and accessible to everyone. Working together with Interdisciplinary Network for the Study of Subcultures, Popular Music and Social Change based at University of Reading, we recruited 30 youth culture experts doing research on subcultures to help us tell the history of Britain’s youth tribes.

Working with experts from across the UK, we created an initial list of 30 youth culture movements which form the basis of our timeline. In each section you will be able to find out about the historical, socio-political context of these movements, as well as fashion, music and wider culture. Linking this back to the Museum of Youth Culture’s incredible youth culture archive, visitors to the museum will be able to discover and learn about the rich history of these movements.

With special thanks to Matthew Worley and Lucy Robinson, from The Subcultures Network.

Writers Involved:

  • Iain Aitch

  • Claire Nally

  • Sarah Kenny

  • Neil Kulkani

  • Lucy Cage

  • Chris Warne

  • Simon Reynolds

  • Cath Rossi

  • Johnny Hopkins

  • Lucy Robinson

  • Jake Hawkes

  • Matt Smith

  • Bill Osgerby

  • David Wilkinson

  • Christine Feldman-Barrett

  • Tim Wells

  • Mark Hynde

  • John Street

  • Lez Henry

  • Ros Watkiss

  • Keith Gildart

  • Sarah Raine

  • Andy Bennett

  • Matthew Worley

  • Iain Borden