HomeGrown Magazine

We have been working together with Lee Harris, founder of HomeGrown Magazine, to digitise the entire magazine and make it available online. 

From 1977 until 1982 Lee Harris started and edited Britain's first counter culture and drug magazine. HomeGrown was a breakthrough magazine that represented a defining moment in British underground culture. Lee was reporting on the psychedelic experience and HomeGrown magazine was one of the few publications to support Operation Julie defendants and included articles and illustrations from Timothy Leary, Michael Hollingshead, Harry Shapiro, Brian Barritt, Mick Farren, Bryan Talbot, Julie Burchill, Peter Tosh and Tony Parsons.

'Now, HomeGrown is back, digitised and available for all in the 21st century'! - Lee Harris

The new website can be found here.

Dazed interviewed Lee Harris about starting the HomeGrown, drugs and the psychedelic years!

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