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A Museum of Youth Culture collaboration

With over 16,000 images, 40 expert-curated exhibits and 18 exclusive videos, our Museum of Youth Culture Google Arts & Culture page is an incredible resource that opens up the YOUTH CLUB Archive to the public, making it accessible to anyone.

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Here Right Now: The digital Museum of Youth Culture

On 17th September, 2019, the first online museum devoted to youth culture launched on Google Arts & Culture in collaboration with The Museum of Youth Culture , celebrating the UK’s and London’s pioneering role as a global leader in youth culture and self-expression.

This new digital museum experience taps into the rich fashion, music, art and social history that animates the UK's cultural legacy, with key experts including photographers Gavin Watson , Normski and fashion curator Amy de la Haye , backed up with texts written by leading academics on youth culture history in collaboration with Reading University based ‘Subcultures Network’.

From the birthplace of the teenager in the 1950s , the eruption of Festival Culture in the 1960s, to the often overlooked impact of Acid House in the 1980s, visitors to the new platform are invited to explore the in-depth history of youth culture as we know it. Incorporating Google Street View locations and extensively researched playlists, the digital Museum of Youth Culture is akin to an online museum, continuing to update with regular features, new online exhibits and regular video uploads.

“The Museum of Youth Culture has one of the most impressive collections of its kind, and we’re delighted to partner with them to celebrate and preserve the UK’s rich heritage of fashion, music, art and social history. We’re looking forward to announcing more exciting projects with the Museum of Youth Culture over the coming months, and giving youth culture a permanent, protected place on the Google Arts & Culture platform.” Lucy Schwartz, Program Manager, Google Arts & Culture

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