Museum of Youth Culture

As the worlds official stomping ground for self expression, music and creativity, London’s streets are paved with the history of youth culture. We believe that Great Britain's contribution to culture and creativity deserves permanent recognition on a worldwide scale.

From the Punks on the King’s Road in Chelsea, the trendsetting musicians on Denmark Street of Soho, the hipsters in the alleys of Shoreditch, the Abbey Road Studios, Vivienne Westwood’s SEX shop, to the legendary Shoom club that gave birth to the revolution of dance music.

The Museum of Youth Culture will tap into the rich fashion, music, art and social history that animates London's cultural legacy, giving youth culture heritage a permanent, protected home.

YOUTH CLUB looks to innovate the Museums and Archives sector by developing the first Museum conceived and co-curated by a youth steering group.

Representing the changing needs and demands of a modern Museum, this permanent home will provide a legacy for youth culture in its very birthplace. Celebrating the past and inspiring future generations.

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Since the 1940’s the postwar world has seen a revolution in popular culture. Through the newfound liberty of self-expression, culture once exclusive to the upper classes became accessible to all corners of the society.

This ‘bubble up’ effect has powerfully and continuously redefined fashion, music, art and design and impacted on all our daily lives on a worldwide scale.

We have identified a need to recognise, preserve and celebrate the attitudes, expressions, styles and movements these young provocateurs and participants have forged. We envision an inclusive home for youth culture to inspire future generations to create, reinvent and make their mark.

Recognising the UK’s and London’s pioneering role as a world leader in youth culture and self-expression, the worlds first Museum of Youth Culture will celebrate our rich tapestry of social movements, subcultures, sounds and styles that span the generations and genres of post war Britain to modern day. 

One Nation Under A Groove, Southbank Centre

In the summer of 2015, YOUTH CLUB took over a large area of the Southbank Centre to put on One Nation Under a Groove as part of the Festival of Love. The exhibition explored the key role youth movements and subcultures play in forging relationships, friendships, families and communities. 

One Nation Under a Groove gave an insight to the breadth and variety of the YOUTH CLUB archive and covered the rich history of the subcultures, sounds and styles that span the generations. Celebrating the youth cultures of yesteryear, the exhibition was an important step in YOUTH CLUB's mission to share and preserve youth culture history. The popularity and success of the exhibition showed to us the need and interest for the Museum of Youth Culture.