We are hosting a series of guest artists at the Southbank Centre, including the one of London's most respected artists Panik...

Panik is an internationally known, UK based artist, who emerged from the London graffiti scene in the late 90’s. Originally famed for prolifically painting the capital and beyond during the 00’s, alongside the ATG crew, who as a group later went on to diversify into wider fields within art, music and clothing.

Around 2005 Panik began to introduce his now trademark faces and abstract imagery to his work together with the use of letter forms, allowing him to communicate in a new way and expand his horizons as an artist. After spending a year at Central St Martins school of art he left to pursue his own path into the creative world, working as a freelance artist.

While always maintaining his presence on a street level through traditional graffiti or large scale public murals, Panik has also exhibited solo shows with galleries in London, Amsterdam and New York as well as working on projects across the board with various companies and global brands.

In recent years Panik has focused on painting large scale murals which blend playful imagery often reflecting his current mood or past experiences, abstract pattern based work that holds an un­predictable energy to it, as well as socially conscious themes, which is an aspect he now continues to explore through travelling as well as local charity based workshops alongside young people.