PYMCA Gallery

To celebrate all things Hip Hop and the 25th anniversary of the release of the definitive Hip Hop film ‘Wild Style’PYMCA created WILDSTYLES, an exhibition that featured classic rare photographs hailing back to the ‘old skool’ days.

Taking you back to the halcyon days of Adidas shell toes and Run DMC, WILDSTYLES, was an exhibition that took you to the heart of hip hop, showing how this music became a way of life for a global through the eyes of those who were there. Photographers involved included NormskiJanette BeckmanEddie OtchereTed PolhemusNakiPaul HartnettPeter AndersonAdam Friedman and many more…

“The best part of my Youth was at the same time as Hip hop the voice and culture of a generation was invented. Suddenly there was a scene, a sound and similar people on the other side of the world that I could relate to. It was as if everybody could have an identity that would speak for him or her. Just because some of us were from poor backgrounds didn’t mean we couldn’t feel rich and hip hop culture is all about showing what you can do and expressing yourself fully.” 
- Normski