Unity Through Subculture
Leeds Digital Festival
Leeds Docks

Commissioned by Allied London and the Leeds Digital Festival, YOUTH CLUB curated an exhibition exploring the power of subculture to unite and bring people together. Taking an engaging approach, the exhibition included a memory wall, a map of Leeds with personal contributions and a 'Whats Your Subculture' survey.

Recognising the UK’s pioneering role as a world leader in youth culture and self-expression, the Museum of Youth Culture project celebrates our rich tapestry of social movements, subcultures, sounds and styles that span the generations and genres of post war Britain to modern day.

The Museum of Youth Culture project will house a specially commissioned exhibition, ‘Unity through Subculture’, featuring photography, ephemera and oral history. The exhibition will explore the power of fashion, music and self expression to forge a vital common thread amongst young people. Unity though Subculture is a celebration of creative freedom and it’s ability to break down walls in a world of increasing unrest.

Renowned youth culture photographer Gavin Watson will be speaking on Thursday 27th about his seminal work on one of the most misunderstood youth subcultures – Skinheads – through a transition to 90s Rave Culture and on to his contemporary work as a practicing photographer and work for brands such as Dr Marten’s.

Seminal youth culture brand Dr Martens contributed their 360 degree VR experience of how the iconic boot is made in their factory in Nottinghamshire.