Origins East
Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen

July - August


Celebrating the importance of nightlife and self-expression in the wake of relentless club closures, Origins East harks back to the defining days of rave culture, acid jazz, and bhangra.

Origins East celebrates the influential role of late 80s British rave culture and its evolution into 90s nightlife and its part in the awakening and regeneration of Shoreditch and Hoxton Square, an area once described as a 'derelict urban wasteland', Exhibited at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen, this photography exhibition delves into the unique energy that forged a creative pilgrimage east.

Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen has seen its fair share of music history since opening its doors in 2001 and significantly, is also next to the site that once held the pivotal ‘Blue Note’ club - a venue defined by relationships with seminal label figureheads like James Lavelle, Goldie and Gilles Peterson throughout the 90’s.

Showcasing an arsenal of prolific youth culture photographers from YOUTH CLUB Archive Dave Swindells, Gavin Watson, Adam Friedman and Teddy FitzhughOrigins East is just as much a celebration of free expression as it is a call-to-action for future partygoers.   

As part of Origins East, Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen hosted a panel discussion with Dave Swindells and Gavin Watson, and chaired by Bill Brewster about the emergence of rave culture and its transformation into club culture, eventually bringing the movement to East London. 

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