Lost in Music
Village Underground

December 2015

Youth Club Archive presents in collaboration with theprintspace, Lost in Music, a photographic celebration of dance music and club culture, with images from the YOUTH CLUB/PYMCA archive. Taking over the Village Underground for one night, Lost in Music brings together music with photography and film from the birth of club culture up to the present day. 

This one-off event will be followed by an exhibition at the Print Space London, entitled Lost In Music, a photographic history of dance music & global club culture from its beginnings to the present day - and beyond. 

Lost in Music is a tribute to the obsessives, the hedonists, the musical eccentrics and the dancers who were the founding members of the dance music institution and those who continue to fuel its evolution. To the artists developing wild new techniques to re-imagine recorded music, in the process revolutionising the way we create and enjoy it. To all those Lost in Music- past, present and future.

More information about the event can be found here.