Join The Club
The Photocopy Club x YOUTH CLUB x LN-CC

16 May 2019

Celebrating the importance of DIY photography and the value of personal archives, Join the Club was a one night exhibition and club night encouraging people to remember their youth and contribute their own photography for the Museum of Youth Culture.


As we look for submissions from the general public to help build the most accurate picture of youth culture in the UK, we partnered with The Photocopy Club for this one night event showcasing large scale Xerox photocopy prints championing the DIY attitude with a newly curated selection of photographs soon to form the bedrock of the world’s first Museum of Youth Culture. Funded by the Heritage Fund, the online Museum of Youth Culture is set to launch in July 2019, with Join the Club marking the start of a nationwide call out for photographs and ephemera from the general public. Whether it's one photograph of your punk mum in the 70s, or an entire archive of 90s rave flyers, Join the Club celebrates the value and diversity of our own personal collections.