London Transport Museum Lates

Celebrating youth culture over the decades, the London Transport Museum approached YOUTH CLUB to curate a series of talks exploring youth culture history through the decades. 

Swinging Sixties
60s Late

As part of the Swinging Sixties Late at the London Transport Museum we will be delving into our archive and looking at the now iconic Sixties youth culture. We look at how this revolutionary decade paved the way for future youth tribes and gave way to a rich tapestry of subcultures. 

"Be part of the moments that defined the revolutionary Sixties, as we bring the era to life through talks, curator tours, live poetry and workshops. Continuing the celebration of the artists exhibited in ‘Poster Girls’ and the times that impacted their lives and work. Listen to 60s sounds, sip a Flower Power cocktail and take in our latest exhibitions after dark."

Power, Play and Politics
80s Late

Looking at the emergence of a more radical and political youth, photographer Matthew Smith will be discussing his Exist To Resist body of work and the power of grassroots direct action. 

"Reminisce about what was acceptable in the 80s, a decade of contrasts that shaped contemporary society. Revealing subcultures, passionate protests and pop-culture unfold through our series of lectures and interactive workshops. See the era through the eyes of the female artists highlighted in ‘Poster Girls’ and take a tour of the exhibition."