At YOUTH CLUB we believe that youth and subculture is a catalyst for self-expression and enable positive change within communities. Education is an integral part of what we do, as we equip young people with skills and the power of self-expression to help them think and do “bigger”.

Our educational programme works to instil the importance of youth culture history and to inspire future generations through talks, workshops, archival training, lectures and free to access online learning resources.

We believe in the power of youth and youth culture as a positive force in Youth and Community development, harnessing the power of self-expression, creativity, innovation and identity, to bring generations and cultures together. Youth culture is also a powerful force in strengthening young people’s positive experiences of self-expression and identity, relationships and helping build bridges between different cultures and identities. 

We run several different educational programmes, find out more and how to get involved below.

We work with universities on a regular basis through archive visits, guest lectures and project-based modules.

We are expanding our programme for young people, collaborating with youth and community groups to reach those who will benefit most from our workshops.

Our education programme is at the heart of what we do at YOUTH CLUB. Help us reach more young people with a small donation. 

Our volunteer programme trains young people in creative industry and archival skills, whilst working with unique, youth culture content.