Youth Culture Symposia

Over the course of our National Lottery Heritage Fund project to build the online Museum of Youth Culture, we held three symposia focusing on different themes and areas of the project. We identified three important strands within our project - oral history and public outreach, emerging museums, and subculture as heritage - and worked with carefully selected partners on each symposium, reaching new audiences and taking our work to new locations.


Documenting Personal Histories
Printworks London
March 28, 2019

A one-day symposium exploring how organisations, academics and individuals are exploring ordinary people's untold histories through oral history, DIY archiving and research. Organised as a collaboration between YOUTH CLUB and Layers of London, at Printworks London.

Iain Aitch (Margate Youth Culture), Jojo Sonubi (Black In The Day), Leila Kassir (Feminist Walk, UoL), Andrew Branch (UEL) and a screening of You Can't Move History (UoS / Long Live Southbank).

What Is a Museum?
Migration Museum
May 22, 2019

A one-day symposium will bring together emerging museums and others working in the museum sector, and consider what makes a museum, what drives people to start a museum and other new narratives in the sector. Organised as a collaboration between YOUTH CLUB and Migration Museum.

Liberty Melly
(Migration Museum), Sandra Shakespeare (FRSA and YOUTH CLUB Trustee), Rachel Crossley (East End Women’s Museum), Olivia Windham Stewart (Museum of British British Colonialism), and Alice Procter (The Exhibitionist, Uncomfortable Art Tours).

Our Place In History: Subculture As Heritage
London College of Fashion
July 18, 2019

How can we preserve the rich story of subcultural movements, when often they’ve been overlooked in the history books? This one-day symposium will bring together archives, organisations and academics working to tell the story of British youth culture movements and champion them as an important part of our heritage. Organised as a collaboration between YOUTH CLUB and Reading Based Subcultures Network (Interdisciplinary Network for the Study of Subcultures, Popular Music and Social Change).

Matthew Worley
(co-founder Subcultures Network), Zerritha Brown (London Borough of Culture Brent, No Bass Like Home), Lucy Robinson (co-founder Subcultures Network), Tory Turk (independent curator), Normski (Museum of Youth Culture Photographer) and Dan Adams (Read and Destroy Archive).