Accumulate x Moon Festival x Museum of Youth Culture
Educational workshop at Ravensbourne University

Ben_Peters_Accumulate_Digital_Photography_Archive_Workshop_Image_ 32.jpg

50 years ago Neil Armstrong was the first man to set foot on the Moon. Fascination with space and the race to walk on the Moon was everywhere, taking hold over the popular imagination, including youth culture tribes. Skinheads Moonstomped to Ska, whilst Ravers imagined far-flung galaxies. In collaboration with the Moon Festival we asked participants of London-based homelessness charity Accumulate to consider what the Moon landing was, how it left its mark on culture and use it for their own creativity. The one-day workshop brought together three organisations for a creative zine-making session looking at the links between youth culture and popular culture.

All artworks below were created by Accumulate Participants over a series of workshops at Ravensbourne University.

Shannon Stevenson
Kingsley Elawurake
Dave Sohanpal
Ali Shabaz
Prosper Kouayep
Chrystal Alleyne
Theresa Henry
Matthew Fabiyi
Koffi Nguessan
Neelam Ali
Jeancy Mutuyayi