Accumulate x Levi’s
Creating DIY Denim Jackets

accuday4 80.jpg

Celebrating the Denim Jacket’s important place in youth culture movements from Punks and Skinheads to Ravers and Hip Hop, during this one-week workshop we worked with participants from homeless art’s charity Accumulate to create their own jackets using the archive as inspiration.

With denim jackets kindly sponsored by Levi’s, an initial workshop traced the history of the Denim Jacket through youth culture movements in the past 50 years. Using zine-making as a means to experiment with styles, designs and identity, we worked with participants to print out images and work together on collages to form a collective zine reflecting on their own lives against the context of the history of youth culture.

Participants then went on to Somerset House to customise their jackets, returning back to our archive in Printworks where we were able to give the participants access to the Printworks music venue to use as a backdrop to photograph their archive inspired clothing. Zines, photographs and customised jackets were exhibited at Autograph gallery in Shoreditch in April 2019.