Youth and Community Groups

At a time when young people's communities are constantly being undercut, YOUTH CLUB elevates young people often left behind my mainstream education. Using the archive as a platform to inspire, we aim to connect with and support those young people through youth culture imagery. 

When reaching out to young people, collaboration is key. When necessary we partner with other organisations to enrich their work supporting people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

One participant said repeatedly "I absolutely love this". It was the first time this participant had engaged in a creative workshop through the hostel and became a pivot point in her own self development.

Marice Cumber - Founder, Accumulate, a charity dedicated to empowering young homeless people through photography.

Within our existing youth workshop space in Canada Water we are looking to develop an extensive educational programme, including:

  • Weekly term time talks
  • Weekly creative workshops for young people
  • Promote shared value and self-expression
  • Teach skills in photography, developing and printing, heritage, curation and digital skills
  • Youth mentorship

Dedicated to tapping into the breadth of creativity often unrecognised within today's youth, our work sheds light on the positivity of young people today, challenging media perceptions and social injustice.

Through our workshops, classes, one on one support and mentoring, we hope to provide an alternative outlet for British young people.

In the wake of the General Election last week, who better to throw a backlash party than those hell-bent on preserving, documenting and celebrating the UK’s penchant for pushing back against a system. Welcome, not-for-profit organisation YOUTH CLUB.

Dazed & Confused, 2017.