Owen Harvey 'People Gonna Talk' Talk and Zine Launch
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Discussing his journey photographing the Mod scene, Owen’s work harks back to the very foundations of Mod culture in the UK. Once described as ‘Clean living under difficult circumstances”, Owen delves deeper into the progressive nature of the Mod movement and discusses what it means to be a member of this iconic subculture today. 

Having photographed the UK Mod scene over the last 5 years, Owen’s work breathes fresh life into the contemporary face of a movement founded way back in the 1950s. Travelling from Liverpool, to Margate, Brighton, London and afar, he began to discover and document the vibrant energy found in both Mod and Skinhead revival culture in the 21st century. Having shot for the likes of Fred Perry and showcased by The Photographers Gallery, Magnum Photos and Metro Imaging, Owen’s dynamic shooting style with a traditional sensibility is here to stay.

Dazed and Confused, and Clash Magazine both spoke to Owen about his work.
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Clash spoke to Owen about his Mod UK series. 
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