Owen Harvey
A recent graduate from the University of Wales in Newport, Owen has been photographing the people that are keeping some of the most iconic youth subcultures of the 20th century going, and has found that these movements are alive and kicking. His work focuses on the Mods and Skinheads, and has been documenting them for several years. 

© Owen Harvey/YOUTH CLUB

Bethany Kane
Bethany Kane is a contemporary photographer focusing on youthsubcultures in the UK. Her most recent series Oi! aims to document the scene, exploring the music, fashion and community like spirt that surrounds it. Documenting the scene that she is personally involved, her photographs provide a contemporary insight into a subculture that has been so polarised by the media. 



© Beth Kane/YOUTH CLUB

Lucy McCarthy
Aged 16, Lucy McCarthy took her camera with her on nights out and became engrossed in UK rave culture. Some of her images, like the one here, have been hand painted, harking back to 90s DIY culture. These photographs have only recently been unearthed, proving a very popular contribution to our exhibition 'Lost in Music' at Village Underground last December.



© Lucy McCarthy/YOUTH CLUB