Molly Macindoe 'From Putney to Persia' Talk and Zine Launch
Doomed Gallery

‘From Putney to Persia’ is an exploration of Free Party photographer Molly Macindoe's incredible journey documenting the Free Party and Teknival scene from the industrial estates of London to outdoor raves in the Middle East, ‘From Putney to Persia’ celebrates over ten years documenting one of the last remaining fringes of society and the passionate community that keeps the nonconformist, hedonistic spirit of Free Party culture alive. 

Since the early 2000s, Molly has meticulously captured the evocative Free Party movement that emerged from the squat parties and raves of the inner city, becoming interwoven with the traveller festival scene. Shooting a world so removed from the throes of mainstream culture, Molly’s work is as authentic as the subculture she follows. Once described as an ‘unashamed champion of individuality’, ‘From Putney to Persia’ is a previously unseen insight into an empowered world free of boundaries.

Dazed and Confused spoke to her ahead of the zine launch about her work and the scene that she has engrossed herself in.
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