Dave Swindells 'Keeping It Real' Talk and Zine Launch
Doomed Gallery  

Looking at his journey shooting some of the UK’s most influential club nights and raves since the early 1980s, ‘Keeping It Real’ celebrates the very act of dressing up and going out. Working with The Photocopy Club, Dave has produced a limited edition 40 page zine. 

More than just a voyeur, Dave Swindells has turned his camera on nightlife in London and beyond since 1984. As the Time Out editor for Nightlife from 1986-2009, his work is a fascinating insight into the trends, attitudes, and nuances of London's clubbers. Evocatively shooting the emergence of the rave scene in the late 1980s, 'Keeping It Real' follows the journey from the wild attitude of Rave to the nighttime antics of modern day.

Dave spoke to Dazed and Confused about his years photographing the U.K. night life culture, from Acid House, to Leigh Bowery and ecstasy 
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